Vintage crockery hire

Beautiful, delicate crockery to make your celebration extra special.


Blackberry Event Catering can provide a gorgeous selection of vintage trios (a teacup, saucer and side plate), teapots, sugar bowls, milk jugs, cake stands and cake plates to suit your event for £3.50 per person (this reduces to £2.25 per person if you also order your food from Blackberry Event Catering!).


Crockery is delivered to you carefully wrapped in tea towels (we avoid using plastic bubble wrap, tea towels provide protection and can be washed and reused!), it is perfectly clean but may need a quick polish after unpacking.  All of the crockery can be returned dirty and we will wash it up for you.  I politely ask that you please empty all liquid and remove any food scraps before wrapping it back up for collection.


It is possible for you to hand pick which patterns you prefer if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, please email me for pictures and quantities of each set available.  


Please do be aware that due to their vintage nature there may be minor dicolourations on the crockery.


There is a £50 returnable deposit required to cover any breakages.


Breakage or loss charge:

  • £5 per cup, saucer, tea plate or side plate
  • £15 per teapot, coffee pot or two tier cake stand
  • £20 per three tier cake stand


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